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"Bindi" is an adorable Maltese puppy doing her "place" command.
"Guinevere", an Irish Terrier pup, learning to enjoy her crate. Notice the leash attached. ONLY while supervised, and never leave a leash OR collar on while crating puppies. The bedding is removed so that it isn't soiled during down-time in her crate.
Guinevere is playing with Honey, a lovely Mini Dachshund puppy. Play should be coordinated based on play "style" and size to prevent injury.
Guinevere is learning about appropriate interaction by pestering our Lab, Carter.
Notice how forward she is and how he is pulling his head away? Puppies get "puppy license" from some adult dogs. This allows them to be a bit obnoxious without any real consequence.
As she matures, such a bold attitude will be appropriately corrected by an adult dog who knows what they are doing. Be careful not to assume that all adult dogs will be this good with puppies!
Guinevere resting quietly with our BC, Glory
A nice play group, size and style all match!
Ozzie, a Havanese, giving the "Hi, who are you?" sniff test to Mabel, a very sweet Shih Tzu
Duke is a Havanese puppy, being rather rude with our BC, Glory. She'll VERY tolerant!
Glory and Kazu, a black Lab, playing tug. They are well-matched!
A good game of chase in the light snow
Graduation day!
Graduation day!
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